Dec 19, 2017

An interesting article appeared online / in the news. It seems that the FEMA Administrator, Brock Long, was asked about helping victims of the massive Hurricanes and Wildfires that have plagued the U.S. in 2017. In a CNN interview, he was quoted by saying:

“FEMA is not going to make anyone whole again…we are not first responders, we just provide funds to local and state governments for them to distribute as they see fit.”

He also wants everyone to understand 3 fundamental truths:

  1. FEMA is broke.
  2. The system is broken.
  3. If this is the new normal, Americans can’t rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, even the government is telling us to rely on ourselves. Let that sink in for a minute!

Click the link below and Listen to this syndicated radio interview with someone who was actually on the ground, in Texas, during Hurricane Harvey. John explains how the Solar HYDRO was used at a Fire and Rescue station….

This is a very interesting article covering the San Andreas Fault  / earthquake awareness. When a major earthquake rocks a region, many utilities and services will be rendered useless or offline.

The article points out 2 large “elephants in the room”:

  • Geological evidence of past “mega-quakes” doesn’t bode well for Southern California.
  • Proposed cuts to federal funding would hinder preparations for “the Big One.

An earthquake more than 100 miles from Los Angeles might not seem like a big deal. However, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake is far from ordinary and there’s plenty of geological evidence of past occurrences in Southern California. These markers foreshadow grave consequences for a region that’s already on high alert for the next “Big One.”

Seismologist Lucy Jones predicts that a San Andreas earthquake beginning at the Salton Sea could be as strong as an 8.2 if it got all the way to Paso Robles.

After the “BIG ONE”, where will you get water?

Prepared Bee

The Solar HYDRO showed up in a great article / blog by Prepared Bee! Thanks for the great blog / review!


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