NOW THROUGH BLACK FRIDAY 2017, SAVE $425 on the purchase of a Solar HYDRO – 4 stage Germicidal Water Purification System.

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Hurricanes’ Harvey, Irma, and Maria have taken a toll on tens of thousands of people.


Most flood victims went without food, water, and any government assistance for days on end.

Without clean water, you can not drink, cook, clean wounds, decontaminate skin, perform hygiene, or provide your family with the essentials to survive any natural disaster or emergency.

The Aquanetics H2o Solar HYDRO will Cleanse contaminated fresh water and provide up to 100 Gallons of pure drinking water per day.

The Solar HYDRO was deployed / used at Fire Station 8 in Beaumont, TX during Hurricane Harvey, and provided Purified Water for decontamination showers [in conjunction with the HydroWASH attachment], and drinking water. The firemen even used the Solar HYDRO to clean clothes and wash dishes.


NEVER put your family’s security in the hands of others. Prepare, and rely on yourself.

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