The Aquanetics H2o HYDRO is not just fresh water filtration – it’s  PURIFICATION. The HYDRO performs a 4-Stage Purification process to effectively cleanse most any fresh water source to a 99.999% purity. We use the most advanced germicidal process and components to ensure high quality fresh clean drinking water. Here’s how it works!

STAGE 1: The HYDRO draws water from the fresh water source and uses a STAGE 1 pre-screen to keep out large sediment and particulates (leaves, twigs, etc.)STAGE 2/3: Pre-screened water is pulled through a dual filtration process (STAGE 2 and STAGE 3). This removes sediment, particulates, and harmful toxins / contaminates.

STAGE 4: Filtered water is forced through a Germicidal Module. This Germicidal Module will neutralize, kill, and eradicate bacteria, pathogens, microorganisms, and viruses- leaving the newly purified and cleansed water is ready for drinking and consumption.