Jenny [OREGON]

We are absolutely thrilled with the ease and portability of the Hydro Pak! We live in rural, coastal Oregon — smack dab in the middle of endless, remote hiking alongside ocean faultlines. We need to be prepared. Having an easy, durable water filtration system we can carry is essential to our disaster planning, but the pack is so easy to deal with, we just bring it with instead of packing water. YEA!



Ana – Puerto Rico / Hurricane Maria: 

“The system is working great!….This is absolutely fantastic! Bottle water is hard to find so this is perfect.”


John – Texas / Hurricane Harvey

[son-in law  / fireman at Fire and Rescue Station #8 – Beaumont, TX]

 “….was able to wash clothes, dishes , AND have drinking water for all of the guys!”







Michele / San Andreas Fault in California

“I feel very prepared, that I would be able to provide water for my family, my pets, and maybe any neighbors that might be around.”


And there’s more….

“The test jar in my video tasted wonderful! That creek is really polluted with fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Especially, this time of year! Wonderful system, simple to set up and take down.” – Pastor David  Mathews, Abiqua Creek, Oregon:


An American Homestead review:

“It’s very efficient, very effective…..It produces a LOT of water in a very short amount of time…As far as water filters go, this is probably the most impressive one I’ve ever seen…”


Joyce Riley of “The Power Hour” Radio Show has some great things to say about the Aquanetics Solar Hydro during a guest appearance by Allen Gossett on her show this month (July 2016)! Full recording of the show is HERE. Give it a listen!

Thanks to our faithful Hydro customers for the testimonials…. keep ’em comin’!